Discover The Best Of Scotland

Do you want to know the best of Scotland? That is exactly what I will provide in this website. This beautiful country is my home. I have lived here my whole life and there is nowhere else I’d rather be. Sure I love to travel every now and then. It allows me to discover new places and make new memories. But no matter where I end up in, I always gravitate back to Scotland. I feel like it is in the middle of everything that I would ever need in my life.

Scotland is located in the northern part of the island of Great Britain. With England to the south and the Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, North Channel and Irish Sea around it, you get a balance of modern living and beautiful views and landscapes. The country also has various islands – making for more than enough travel opportunities for anyone.

Giving you the best of Scotland

What most people do not know about the best of Scotland is that it offers a lot of luxurious things too. And I would be lying if I say that I do not like it. I know some people who believe that simple things are better. But that is not me. Give me a chance to experience a life filled with luxury and I would come running towards it.

Fortunately for me, Scotland offers all the opportunities to live a luxurious life. While I am not one of those dripping with money, I do want to indulge every now and then. It feels like a reward – especially after a tiring week at work. And there is always an opportunity for me to do that. I can book into a luxurious hotel or even visit a posh casino in Glasgow. The cities in Scotland have fine-dining restaurants, lively bars, amazing parks and gardens, and breathtaking architecture. If you want a quick luxurious fix, go to the cities. This is where you will find the best of Scotland.

Luxury for me is also being able to bask in the beauty of nature. Scotland is one of the greenest countries there is. The gorgeous landscapes include gently rolling hills, rocky cliffs overlooking the open waters, and the lush fields filled with all sorts of life. There is nothing like it.

About the website

In this website, I will give you, not just the best of Scotland, but everything that is luxurious about it. When you are through with this site, you will understand why Scotland is a great place to visit. You will love this country. There is no doubt in my mind that you would.

If it is luxury that you want, there is an abundance of that here. You have luxurious hotels and even casinos. You will also enjoy a lot of Michelin-star restaurants. I will even provide you with a couple of luxurious tourist hotspots – like the Loch Lomond, Dalry Ayrshire, etc.

From spas to posh restaurants, I will give you a list of the best of Scotland. It is up to you which of them you would want to pursue.