Casinos In Scotland

There are many casinos in Scotland. If you are not yet tired of exploring the sights around Scotland, you may want to visit one or casinos during your stay. You will not only be provided with hours of entertainment, you will also get the chance to win big prizes.

Why play casino in Scotland

The casinos that you will find in Scotland are just like what you will find anywhere else in the world. They have table games that include Blackjack, Roulette, and different versions of Poker. In some casinos, you can opt to join tournaments. At least, if you think you are good enough to win and you have the time to be a part of it.

There are a total of 14 casinos in Scotland that are currently in operation. They are concentrated in 4 of the major cities in the country: Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. The city with the most casinos is Glasgow. So if you are looking for options, this is the best city to visit. The biggest casino is located in this city – Alea Casino Glasgow. It has 21 table games and around 60 gaming machines. When it comes to the casino with the biggest floor area, you should head to Glasgow for that as well. With 30,4000 square feet, the Grosvenor Casino Merchant City is the biggest gaming venue in all of Scotland.

Combined, the casinos all over Scotland offer hundreds of slot machine gaming options. They operate in the same way as the other casinos in the world. So if you have been in one before, you can rely on your knowledge from that experience – specifically when it comes to the dress codes, etc. Not all casinos in this country are open 24 hours. So make sure that you get to know the schedule of the one you want to go into before you head off.

Casinos in various cities in Scotland

The casinos in Scotland are all equipped with everything you need to socialise. They have restaurants, bars, and several options to gamble. Let’s get to know the different cities and the casinos that are located within each one.

Aberdeen – 4 casinos

The casinos in Aberdeen range between small and mid-sized. The mid-sized casinos are the Grosvenor G Casino and the Gala Casino. The smaller ones are called the Soul Casino and Rainbow Casino. All 4 casinos offer various table games like Poker, Roulette, and Blackjack. There is also a wide selection of slot machines.

Dundee – 1 casino

Among the other cities, Dundee has the least number of casinos in it. In the past, there were two casinos. But now, only one remains – Grosvenor G Casino. Not only is it alone, the size is relatively small too. While that may seem disappointing, the casino tries its best to keep you entertained. The casino has Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette. They also have a lot of slot machines that are open 24/7.

Edinburgh – 4 casinos

The capital of Scotland has 4 casinos in operation – 1 mid-sized casino and 3 small ones. The biggest is the Genting Club Fountainpark while the smaller ones are the Genting Casino Leith, Genting Casino York, and Grosvenor Casino Maybury. All of these casinos have table games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker. Some casinos have Punto Banco and Baccarat. Of course, they all have several slot machines that you can try your luck in.

Glasgow – 5 casinos

This is the city with the most casinos in Scotland. It has a large-size casino, the Alea Glasgow and a small-sized casino, the Cotton Club Casino. The rest are mid-sized casinos, Genting Casino, Grosvenor Casino Riverboat, and Grosvenor Casino Merchant City. The casinos have table games like Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack. Some offer other table games like Baccarat and Craps. All of them have a wide selection of slot machine games.