Michelin-Star Restaurants In Scotland

There are a couple of great restaurants in Scotland. In fact, you will find 14 restaurants that had been awarded the coveted Michelin-star.

What does a Michelin-star restaurant mean?

The Michelin-star is a measurement of the quality of fine dining restaurants around the world. Michelin, the tire company launched it guidebook in the 1900s to encourage restaurants to improve the dining experience of their patrons. The restaurants are reviewed anonymously by guests who are passionate about food, observant and most of all, has a great memory. This allows them to review the restaurants and compare them with the others.

The Michelin-star is decided upon by a group do anonymous reviewers – all of which are employed full-time to do the reviews. After every visit, each reviewer writes a memorandum about their experience so they have a basis of comparison when they meet up with the other reviewers.

The awards given are between 0 to 3 stars. The categories being reviewed include quality, personality, technique, and food consistency. The more stars there are, the better it is for the restaurant.

List of Michelin-star restaurants in Scotland

Among the multitude of restaurants in Scotland, only 13 have been awarded the coveted Michelin-star.

Andrew Fairlie – Michelin 2 stars

This restaurant, located in Gleneagles Hotel, is the only restaurant in Scotland to have been awarded 2 Michelin stars. The head chef, Andrew Fairlie, makes sure that every detail of their menu is carefully planned to provide a spectacular experience for every guest. The restaurant is quite intimate with leather menus and original art decorating the walls. Most of the ingredients in this restaurant are either produced locally or come from the Rungis market.

Michelin 1 star

There are 12 restaurants in Scotland that received one Michelin star.


This restaurant in Edinburgh is headed by Chef Paul Kitching. The luxury fine dining establishment offers an adventurous menu that is composed of 5 different courses. The 3 main stages of the course provide 2 options – thus the name of the restaurant. The restaurant has a private dining room and is open for both lunch and dinner for 5 days each week.

Boath House

Located in Nairn, Highlands, this restaurant is right on the Moray Firth Coast. The Georgian Mansion was saved by Don and Wendy Matheson – the couple who sought to restore and refurbish it. The combination of delectable dishes, contemporary art, and a very peaceful ambience gives this restaurant great reviews. The welcoming staff and their superb attention to details make for a great combination. The restaurant serves 6 courses at night. 2 to 3 courses are served during lunch.


Run by the power couple and “Masterchefs of Great Britain”, Keith and Nicola Braidwood, this restaurant is the only one with a Michelin star in Dalry, Ayrshire. In fact, they had been awarded the star for 17 consecutive years. The couple is devoted to the finest ingredients that are mostly produced locally. They have great attention to detail and deep respect for the traditional way of preparing and cooking food. But that does not keep them from displaying their creative flair in cooking.

Isle of Eriska

This restaurant in Oban, Argyll is headed by Chef Paul Leonard. They offer a 3 course dinner and 5 course menu as well. They also have a 7 course meal paired with wine. The restaurant had made a lot of progress in their effort to create their own food identity through the finest ingredients.

Kinloch Lodge

With Chef Marcello Tully at the helm, this restaurant in Skye is destined for greatness. The restaurant offers fine dining with some rest and relaxation. It is in a family run hotel with the best views of the Scottish landscape.

Martin Wishart at Loch Lomond

This restaurant is located in the Cameron House Hotel in Loch Lomond. This fine dining restaurant is elegant and is lead by Head Chef Graeme Cheevers. The talented chef is known for creating great dishes and incorporating new additions into traditional ones. The dining experience is actually described as theatrical – but in a very good way.

Number One

Located in Edinburgh, this restaurant is headed by Executive Chef Jeff Bland and Head Chef Brian Grigor. They both come up with creative dishes with the best ingredients that are locally produced. Among their best dishes includes the Borders roe deer, fillet of Blairgowrie beef, and Scottish crab.

Peat Inn

This restaurant is located near St. Andrew, Fife. The restaurant is luxurious with an attentive service crew and great food selections. Since it had been in existence since the 1700s, this restaurant is not only rich in food but in history and culture as well.

Restaurant Martin Wishart

Since 1999, this restaurant in Edinburgh had graced the Port of Leith. It offers both traditional and modern cuisine – mostly from the French. It uses the finest ingredients sourced locally. There is a calm and also a welcoming ambience that will delight anyone who comes in to dine.

The Albannach

Sutherland, Highlands has a Michelin-star restaurant in the form of The Albannach. The restaurant is in a stylish boutique hotel that is set in a house that is 200 years old. The restaurant was developed by Colin Craig and Lesley Crosfield, its chef-proprietors. The place offers a 5-course dinner with a stunning view of the mountains.

The Cellar

This unique restaurant is located in Anstruther, Fife. It seeks to promote the best locally produced ingredients in Scotland. The cooking in this restaurant is modern and even simple – but filled with flavour. It also reflects the rich traditions and history of the Scots – which adds to its appeal.

The Kitchin

The last, but not the least, of the Michelin-star restaurants in Scotland is The Kitchin. It was opened in 2006 along the waterfront of Edinburgh. The cuisine is a combination of British and French cooking – most of which rely on locally produced ingredients. It is a great blend of the rich Scottish heritage.

What do you think of these Michelin-Star restaurants in Scotland? If you are within the area, you might want to give them a try to see if they do deserve the award.