Top Luxurious Hotels In Scotland?

There are many luxurious hotels in Scotland. If you want to stay in one, you have a couple of options before you. Let us discuss your options in this article.

Qualities of a luxurious hotel in Scotland

First of all, why don’t we discuss what makes a hotel luxurious? That way, you will understand if this is something that you really want. Because like anything that is considered luxurious, it can be costly. There is nothing wrong with spending a lot of money on something – as long as it is worth it. If not, then it will just be an expensive waste of your money.

So what does it take to be one of the luxurious hotels in Scotland? Definitely, it goes beyond the physical appearance. You can stay in a typical hotel or a renovated castle as long as it has the right qualities.

First of all, it has to be located in the right place. It should be near the tourist hotspots. It should offer breathtaking scenery too. Of course, the outside is not the only thing that should be beautiful. The interior should be just as beautiful as what you can see outside.

The accommodations should also be top-notch. From the beds, linens, furniture, towels, and everything that the room can offer. It has to be the best.

Of course, the amenities should also be worth checking out. The most luxurious hotels in Scotland should have a gym, swimming pool, business centre, and other things that guests might need during their stay.

And let’s not forget about the in-house bar and restaurants. Some might have two or three to choose from. It doesn’t matter how many as long as the food and drinks are good. It should be the best cuisine that Scotland can offer – made out of the freshest produce and the best meat or seafood.

Finally, you want to make sure that the hotel has good reviews when it comes to their service. The staff should be professional and friendly at the same time. They should be ready to cater to the needs of every guest – and always have a smile ready.

Luxury hotels in Scotland

So which of the luxurious hotels in Scotland should you consider? There are actually a couple of options for you. In this article, I have chosen three that you can consider – one from each of the most popular cities in Scotland.

Sheraton Grand Hotel and Spa in Edinburgh

This hotel is right in the historic city of Edinburgh. You have the Holyrood Palace and the Edinburgh Castle nearby. That alone makes this a great place to stay. It offers a great view of the Edinburgh Castle. The hotel is specifically located in the cultural centre – in the West End. The prices can go between $220 to $266. Every room is luxuriously designed and has glass-walled bathrooms. The amenities include free wifi, a flat-screen TV, a restaurant and bar, spa facilities, and even a hydro pool.

Blythswood Square in Glasgow

This hotel is located in the second largest city in Scotland where some of the best festivals take place. If you enjoy cultural activities, this is the best place to book. The prices are not so bad. The Twin Room is $143 and you can even get it for a lower price if you find the right option to book your stay. There are 100 rooms in this hotel and each is quite spacious with marble bathrooms. The amenities include free wifi, TV, and even the best spa facilities. You have access to a relaxing pool, hot tub, sauna, and a fitness centre. There is also an in-house restaurant and bar to give you a great dining experience.

The Chester Hotel in Aberdeen

With the Victorian architecture and the multitude of granite structures, Aberdeen is one of the best cities to visit. And if you are looking for luxurious hotels in Scotland, the Chester Hotel is your best option. A classic Double Room in this hotel can cost you $107 – but you can find cheap rates online. This hotel is known for the historic building that it uses. This is believed to dated way back in the 19th century. All the 54 rooms in the hotel are spacious and carefully designed to be luxurious. It offers complete toiletries, flat-screen TV, free wifi, a coffee maker, and minibar. There is a restaurant headed by a great chef offer the best Scottish cuisine. Other amenities include treatment rooms and even nail bars. It is also near popular hotspots in the city.

These are only some of the luxurious hotels in Scotland that you can stay in. As soon as you have decided where you want to go to, you are bound to find one or two luxury hotels within the area.