Why Should You Visit Scotland?

I will not be coy about why you should visit Scotland. As a native of this country, I can give you so many reasons why this should be your next destination. I am not doing this because I am biased. I have traveled to a couple of countries in the past so I have a basis for my comparison. While there were places that took my breath away, I still feel strongly about how Scotland is the best place to be. I am pretty sure that if you give it a chance – even just a glimpse, you will realise why you should come for a visit.

Reasons why you should visit Scotland

If you think that I am just making up things, I do have concrete reasons why you should visit Scotland. Let me enumerate them for you.

The history, archaeology, and culture

You have Neolithic settlements, mysterious giant stones, and ruins of medieval castles. These are only some of the things that you will see when you visit this country. All of these scream of a rich and colourful heritage. The historical sites are well preserved and we, the locals, are very careful with that. We live and breathe our history. And we are quite proud of it too.

The festivals

We have a lot of festivals here – like the Edinburgh festival. If you want to experience the best of what Scotland has to offer, you need to time your visit with one of the many festivals that we have here. You will enjoy good music, friendly folks, and a great transformation of the everyday Scotland. It makes for a great memory – I guarantee it.

The new attractions

Despite the efforts to preserve the past, that does not mean we do not want to embrace everything that is modern and technologically savvy. If you visit Scotland, you will realize that there are so many new things happening in the country. We have that new bridge called the Queensferry Crossing. It is expected to be the longest cable-stayed bridge with three towers. It will make traveling from Edinburgh to the Lothians to Fife. There is also the new Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries. This is a new museum that has all the state-of-the-art exhibits and galleries.

The best accommodations

When you come for a visit, you have a lot of options when it comes to accommodations. There are renovated castles and the cosiest bed and breakfasts. Luxurious hotels are also in abundance. Anything that you require can be found here. It does not matter if you have peculiar preferences, there is bound to be an accommodation that will suit your needs.

The sumptuous food and drinks

The cuisine is off the charts. That is the most honest that I can get when it comes to the food and drinks in Scotland. You can literally taste what we are all about just by eating what we do. From the whisky to the dairy products, seafood, and fresh produce – you palate will have a blast when you visit Scotland.